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James Ricalton
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About Ricalton.org

Ricalton.org is a site developed by James Ricalton's great-grandson, James [Jim] Ricalton Wilson (see http://www.jamesrwilson.com). Jim is a software architect by trade who spends occassional hobby hours as a family archivist. Though many Ricalton artifacts are spread through museums and other collections, Jim possesses a few Ricalton documents, speeches, photographs and antiques. This site is intended to serve as a repository to convey information about and taken from these artifacts, provide first-person histories, and other information of interest.

As the Ricalton.org site matures, Jim hopes the site will serve as a learning tool and help to memorialize this interesting character of American history and Scotch heritage. Other members of James Ricalton's family, including Jim's father George Wilson (JR's grandson), Mary Ricalton Wilson (JR's daughter, deceased), and Jim's cousin Susan Ricalton Sanders have contributed to this site and the Ricalton knowledge base.

For discussion, further information or to contribute data, feel free to contact Jim at jamesrwilson[at]comcast.net or (703) 532-0658.

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